Capitax & Co (Tax Consultants) Ltd

Starting Out…

You have worked through the painful exams and endured the endless hours of training but what now? At Capitax we have grown with our clients from Medical School, through residency and finally into fellowship. From checking your first pay slip to finding your first property, we are here to help and support you so you can focus on your career.


As you begin to accumulate experience and wealth, you may need advise in areas of pension tax, taking on some private practice, investing in rental properties or even planning for your family. At Capitax, we help organise your present and future so you can focus on the work you love.


You have enjoyed a successful career, built up equity in your pension, possibly have rental properties, investments and maybe private practice. At Capitax, we will help you plan your retirement in the most tax efficient way and organise your Estate Planning to ensure you can relax and enjoy the retirement you have dreamed of.