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Terry W Ievers

B.A (Econ) Cert PFS Cert CII (MP).


Following accountancy training with a subsidiary of a major bank, I joined a retail brokerage in May 1976 and met up with a doctor who introduced me to several of his friends and colleagues who were GP’s and Hospital Doctors. I acted for them in relation to their mortgages, life assurance (using trusts where appropriate), income protection, pensions, investments and critical illness plans.

This prompted me in 1982 to set up Capitax (for Financial Services and Tax) as I was approached by a number of hospital consultants, who were dissatisfied with their then accounting facilities, to act for them in matters of tax planning and accountancy for their Private Practice income.

Our Practice had been arranging the finance for many of our clients’ investment (buy-to-let) properties and before long other clients required a similar service, though they didn’t have the time and expertise to source a property for themselves, thus Capitax Property Consultants Ltd. evolved in 2000.

Consultants and GP’s have the security of their NHS Superannuation Pension Scheme. In particular, for consultants with a successful Private Practice, this additional income is ‘non-pensioned’. So they choose to invest in properties as this is a more flexible investment within their own control and not under the restrictions that govern many pension products. Some clients say that they want their property investment to fund their children’s secondary/further education costs or to help them onto the property ladder in the future or just to enhance their own financial security in retirement.

It is my intention that Capitax will continue its meteoric growth, providing an outstanding holistic financial service to the medical profession.

Email: terry@capitax.co.uk



We normally charge a fee for mortgage advice, however this will be dependent on your circumstances. Our typical fee is £345.

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